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To carry a product in the beginning of treatment it is recommended within 2-3 hours per day, gradually increasing time of carrying about the whole day. A recommended base rate of application of medical elastic bearing support is from 2 till 4 months. With the medical purpose the posture corrector apply as base course of treatment not less than 6 months. Further it use shorter rates under supervision of the doctor. . If muscles within day get tired a little, you on a correct way. The primary goal - to force to work physiologically correctly muscles of a back, an abdominal tension and a pelvis, «to accustom» a backbone to new, correct position. If the head keeps directly, shoulders are weakened and developed, a stomach involve and there is a feeling of comfort with such bearing, it is possible to count result achieved. For fastening effect to repeat carrying the medical elastic bearing support (1-2 weeks) every 3-4 month. If there will be questions on correction of a bearing it is better to receive consultation from the expert doctor.

Greater warming effect can be achieved when the wool (colored product side) is in contact with the body, but cotton (white side) - extended to the outside.
However, if there is intolerance to the wool, the belt can be worn with the cotton side to the body. Warming effect will remain unchanged.

As prophylaxes it is recommended to carry a product no more than 2 hours per day and to remove for the night. Time of carrying of a bandage medical can be increased, but preliminary having consulted with the attending physician/doctor. During the long carrying of a product (more than 2-3 weeks) it is desirable using a complex of physical exercises for strengthening muscles and a joint. In a complex with physical exercises the maximal result is reached: the pain decreases, physiological mobility of a joint is restored. Use of various ointments and creams, but preliminary under the recommendation of the doctor is possible.

Briefs "body -forming " and seamless underwear collection is created to wear them not only during the postnatal period, but also by everyday life for figure forming.

Swimsuits for pregnant women can be purchased at retail shops in Latvia.

To determine the appropriate size you can check on our website: http://www.tonus.lv/en/size/index.html. You must fill in the forms all measurements of the leg. If the program has not found the right size, you need to contact us by e- mail: info@tonus.lv, specifying all measurements of the leg, including growth.

The only difference is that in the compression class LUX products used polyamide yarn with special properties, which gives the product softness and good absorbability.

Yes you need it. You can purchase compression products at any of our retail shops, where sales consultants can help you to choose the appropriate size.

To correctly determine the size of the prosthesis, it is necessary to know the exact size of your bra:
1. The first step is to measure dimension under the breast (for example, 80cm).
2. Next, dimension of chest should be measured from the middle of the sternum, around the preserved breast to the middle of the back and the result multiplied by 2 (for example, 100cm).
To determine bra size, you can see in our catalog: http://www.tonus.lv/en/catalog6/
Knowing the bra size, you can choose the prosthesis size: http://www.tonus.lv/en/catalog6/ size chart (in our example, it corresponds to the size 8).
However, one should remember that the size of the table helps in the selection process, but in any case, you must rely on your feelings.